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280+ graduated students


Isaiah recalls his beginnings as God’s appointed prophet with a vivid description of three crucial encounters: God, his own identity, and his mission. BSM seeks to create an environment that fosters that kind of experience described by Isaiah chapter 6 — come to discover.


Come and become. Go and be. The ultimate goal of BSM is to see you back in your local community, applying the concepts that you have learned here. Go back to serve, love, and care for those around you — live it out!

Be equipped

Through intensive weekly study, you will receive training in biblical, theological and practical subjects that will shape and prepare you to fulfil your purpose. Get ready to make an impact in your community — come to be equipped.

One year for your whole life

Set apart one year to get closer to God, know his Word, and meet lifetime friends. Make a one year investment in your relationship with God and with others and see the benefits for the rest of your life.

What we offer

BSM's programme is not a mere ABC of Christian doctrines, rather a rich set of subjects that will help students strengthen their faith in the following three key areas: Spiritual disciplines, Academic life, and Practical ministry.​ Our goal is to help you lay a strong foundation for your faith, develop a Christian character, and build life-long relationships.

Every day at BSM we set time for prayer (individual or in groups), as well as to follow our Bible reading plan which will help you read the whole Bible during your time with us. The spiritual disciplines practiced at the School will not only transform your spiritual life but also become part of your daily routine.

With 23 weekly academic hours, you are going to lay a solid theological and biblical foundation that will strengthen your faith in Christ. We intentionally seek to bring about a practical and transformative knowledge that will equip you and build a strong Christian character in you.

You’ll hear and learn a lot during the year, but the ultimate goal of our programme is for you to apply the concepts and principles you learned here. That’s why every year BSM organises a mission trip beyond the Baltic States, giving you the opportunity to apply the skills you have learned in a unique cross-cultural environment.

Why Choose Us

More than a decade equipping students to go and be

Since 2009, BSM has been training Christians across the Baltics and beyond. With 280+ graduated students, 100+ involved churches, and 15+ represented countries, we continue to serve the Church by equipping Christians to live out their purpose.

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    Erland Zalucki
    Erland Zalucki


    It was such a wonderful year! It was a time in which God showed me things I needed to change. But more importantly, here I received the confirmation of my calling.

      Ragnar Lainesaar
      Ragnar Lainesaar


      Throughout my year at BSM I was able to grow spiritually and find my identity in Christ. I was equipped for my future ministry, and now I am a pastor in Paldiski, Estonia.

        Ivita Bombaka
        Ivita Bombaka


        Although my Christian foundation was good before BSM, so many things fall into place while studying here. My foundation of faith was strengthened and become almost unshakable!

          Atis Irbe
          Atis Irbe


          A year at BSM, is a year that will fundamentally change your life. BSM equips and prepares you to live out God's purpose for you!


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