BSM programme

BSM is a one-year programme with two streams (Christian Life and Theology & Ministry) running from September to May. Through intensive weekly study, our students receive training in biblical, theological and practical subjects. Every year students from the Baltic countries —and beyond— together with teachers from all around the World create in the School a unique international environment where everyone can feel comfortable.


The following list shows all common subjects for both streams:

Common subjects

BIB201 - Introduction to Israel’s Scriptures (Old Testament)

BIB202 - Introduction to New Testament

BIB203 - Historial books of the Old Testament I

BIB204 - Poetic books

BIB205 - Prophetic books

BIB206 - Synoptic Gospels

BIB207 - Gospel of John

BIB208 - Acts

BIB209 - General Epistles

BIB210 - Romans & Galatians

BIB211 - The Prison Epistles

BIB212 - I & II Corinthians

THE201 - Practical Theology

THE202 - Theology I

THE203 - Introduction to the Bible

THE204 - Ecclesiology

MIN201 - Spiritual disciplines

MIN202 - Principles of Bible Interpretation

MIN203 - Principles of Evangelism

MIN204 - Church planting

MIN205 - Cross-cultural Evangelism

GEN201 - History of Christianity

GEN202 - Christian family

GEN204 - Team work

GEN205 - Religios and cults

Christian Life

Christian Life has been designed for both new believers in Christ and those who, regardless of how many years they have been in church, seek to build a strong foundation for their faith. This is not a mere ABC of Christian doctrines, rather a rich set of subjects that will help students get the essence of the Christian faith and apply it into their daily lives.


In addition to the common subjects listed above, Christian Life includes:

GEN301 - The Believer's position in Christ

GEN302 - Prayer life

GEN303 - Discovery Bible Study

GEN304 - Discovering your call

GEN305 - Christian character development

GEN306 - The Church and you

Theology & Ministry

Theology & Ministry aims to assist those who seek to build upon their Christian foundation and get equipped to serve. The stream offers theological subjects which will help students apply biblical insights into the challenges of the contemporary church, as well as to broaden their theological framework for life and ministry. Additionally, ministry subjects will equip and inspire students to better serve in their local community.


In addition to the common subjects listed above, Theology & Ministry includes:

BIB401 - Pentateuch

BIB402 - Historial books of the Old Testament II

BIB403 - Hebrews

THE401 - Theology II

THE402 - Christian Ethics

THE403 - Introduction to pastoral ministry

THE404 - Apologetics

MIN401 - Public speaking (Homiletics)

MIN402 - Advanced Hermeneutics & Biblical Exegesis

MIN403 - Principles of leadership

MIN404 - Ministry opportunities

GEN304 - Counselling

MIN406 - Essay