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Read the stories of students who experienced BSM and get inspired to become a one as well!

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Andrija Judina


In this one year at BSM I reinforced the fundation of my faith and I got closer to God. Here I learned to step out of my comfort zone, break my pride, to be able to learn to trust Him completely. In the areas of serving in which I did not see myself strong, BSM gave me the opportunity to understand that God can use anyone, endowing them with His power.

Ivita Bombaka


I went to BSM right after highschool. To be honest, I didn’t want to go, but God confronted me. Today I can say that the year at BSM was even more valuable than I expected! I experienced God’s love, and I understood the fact that even small things are important to Him.

Before BSM, I knew that God loves his children (including me), but I understood it just with my mind. Despite everything I went through before BSM, I didn’t fully know his love — but who can fully grasp it?! At BSM, I experienced the love of God in my heart, practically and spiritually. It went down from my mind to my heart, and I discovered His love differently. That was seen in the little things. For example, once in the morning, I wanted a chocolate bar. Before I could buy it, someone would leave a chocolate bar and a note of encouragement in my room! Or when I wanted to go home on the weekends and have no money, someone would again leave what I needed with a note in the room! I must add that I didn’t say these things out loud to anyone. My classmates’ stories and their experiences with God made it clear how special God is to each of his children!

Although my Christian foundation was good before BSM, so many things fall into place while studying there. My foundation of faith was strengthened and become almost unshakable! Here I experienced miracles, and I understood many things that still today help me stand on what God has revealed to me and taught me through his Word!

Rhys Massey


Personally BSM has been an incredible experience. God has changed and shaped my life both spiritual and in the way I live. After various cultural shocks and difficulties I have grown a fond love for Latvia, it will always have a place in my heart.