Principles as rules

Rather than simply give you rules to obey, BSM expects you to live by the following principles which are deeply rooted in Christian values. So take note, this is what is expected of BSM students:

  • Spiritual life: It is expected that you are already, or will become a part of, a local church. We believe that a commitment to a local church will provide you with the environment that you will need to continually grow in your faith. BSM takes your commitment to your local church as a foundation on which to build on.
  • Servanthood: At BSM we believe that to serve is always a privilege, not a burden. That is why you are expected to show good will in everything that you do, whether in words or in deeds, as if you are doing it for God (as the Bible teaches us). You will show this principle by fulfilling with joy your duties such as homework, cleaning, dishwashing, etc.
  • Stewardship: As a good steward you are expected to attend on time all teaching sessions as well as all other activities that might be planned (see calendar/schedule). You do have free time whenever there are no lessons, activities or duties organised or planned.
  • Mutual respect: This takes place when you contribute in creating a kind and helpful environment for students, the staff, as well as guest teachers. Also, as a student you will accept BSM’s staff as an authority meant to serve you and help you stay focused. Keep in mind that your personal misconduct can lead to BSM ending your stay with us.
  • Academic integrity: This is done by writing and presenting your tests, exams, and homeworks in the way and form requested by the teacher. No excuses, no tricks, no cheating — but Christ-like.
  • Financial responsibility: Our attitude towards our finances plays an important role in our maturity. For that reason we expect you to responsibly pay your tuition on time, understanding that failing to do so will negatively impact the School. For more information follow this link.

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