Foundations for Christian Ministry

Make ONE year COUNT

Foundations for Christian Ministry is a programme designed for both new believers in Christ and those who, regardless of how many years they have been in church, seek to build a strong foundation for their faith. This is not a mere ABC of Christian doctrines, rather a rich set of subjects that will help students strengthen their faith in the following three key areas: Spiritual disciplines, Academic thinking, and Practical ministry.


Isaiah recalls his beginnings as God’s appointed prophet with a vivid description of three crucial encounters: God, his own identity, and his mission. BSM seeks to create an environment that fosters that kind of experience’ described by Isaiah chapter 6 — come to discover.


Come and become. Go and be. The ultimate goal of BSM is to see you back in your local community, applying the concepts that you have learned here. Go back to serve, love, and care for those around you — live it out!

Be equipped

Through intensive weekly study, you will receive training in biblical, theological and practical subjects that will shape and prepare you to fulfil your purpose. Get ready to make an impact in your community — come to be equipped. .

One year for your whole life

Set apart one year to get closer to God, know his Word, and meet lifetime friends. Make a one year investment in your relationship with God and with others and see the benefits for the rest of your life.


The academic year at BSM is divided in two parts:

  1. First period — running from the last week of September to December.
  2. Second period — running from January to the first week of June (graduation).

* The dates for the opening day and graduation will be confirmed to our students nearer the time.

Weekly schedule

BSM has 23 lessons each week, all of them will be in the morning. The day starts at 07:30 and ends with an evening of prayer at 20:00. After lunch students have time to rest, study, or have fun, provided the School doesn’t have any other activity planned. Those activities include chapels, open seminars, worship events, etc. Mondays and Fridays are shorter days.

Principles as rules

Rather than simply give you rules to obey, BSM expects you to live by the following principles which are deeply rooted in Christian values. So take note, this is what is expected of BSM students:

  • Spiritual life: It is expected that you are already, or will become a part of, a local church. We believe that a commitment to a local church will provide you with the environment that you will need to continually grow in your faith. BSM takes your commitment to your local church as a foundation on which to build on.
  • Servanthood: At BSM we believe that to serve is always a privilege, not a burden. That is why you are expected to show good will in everything that you do, whether in words or in deeds, as if you are doing it for God (as the Bible teaches us). You will show this principle by fulfilling with joy your duties such as homework, cleaning, dishwashing, etc.
  • Stewardship: As a good steward you are expected to attend on time all teaching sessions as well as all other activities that might be planned (see calendar/schedule). You do have free time whenever there are no lessons, activities or duties organised or planned.
  • Mutual respect: This takes place when you contribute in creating a kind and helpful environment for students, the staff, as well as guest teachers. Also, as a student you will accept BSM’s staff as an authority meant to serve you and help you stay focused. Keep in mind that your personal misconduct can lead to BSM ending your stay with us.
  • Academic integrity: This is done by writing and presenting your tests, exams, and homework in the way and form requested by the teacher. No excuses, no tricks, no cheating — but Christ-like.
  • Financial responsibility: Our attitude towards our finances plays an important role in our maturity. For that reason we expect you to responsibly pay your tuition on time, understanding that failing to do so will negatively impact the School.


The full course on campus costs €2300 and it covers:

You can choose among the following payment plans:

If you have questions, please contact us, we want to hear you.

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