Bible, Theology & Ministry

Bible from A to Z!​

Bible, Theology, & Ministry lays a sound biblical foundation and equips Christians to better serve their communities. This course provides a flexible opportunity for those who cannot set apart one year, whether that is for family, work, or ministry reasons. Join us in a transforming and revealing journey throughout the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation!


The focus of this course is, as you can guess, the Bible. We journey through stories of the Old Testament and New Testament, covering almost all from Genesis to the book of Revelation. But that is not all, we also include theological, historical and ministry subjects to enrich our Christian worldview even more.


The way we understand God determines what kind of relationship we have with him. During the course we will dig deeper in our understanding of who God is within the biblical framework. Just be aware that theology deals with God's nature, so it can be highly transformative!


In order to provide a healthy balance, Bible, Theology & Ministry includes a series of practical subjects as well as seminars that will directly impact your ministry. Whether you work with kids, counsel youth, or pastor a church, our course aims at assist you and equip you to serve better.

In action

While you take our distance course, you don't need to stop working, serving, studying, or being a parent. We want you to be in action while studying with us so that you can be able to connect theory and praxis. For that, we will walk with you and assist in any way we can!


Our distance course at BSM is divided in 3 periods:

  • First period — running from January to June (followed by summer break).
  • Second period — running from the first week of August to December.
  • Third period — running from January to June (graduation).

* The dates for the graduation will be confirmed to our students nearer the time.

Monthly schedule

Every four weeks you will be taking two subjects at the same time, and then one week is reserved for exams, essays, homework, and rest. The same cycle is repeated within the dates informed above.

You will have access to each subject in your Moodle account (we will it once you cover at least €50 of the course cost). Every subject will include weekly videos, homework, readings, and you might as well be required to participate on a forum. All lessons are prerecorded which means that you will not be required to attend any live activities. We want you to organise your time and study when it suites you.


BSM distance course costs €1000 and it covers:

Note: As mentioned above, we will create a Moodle account for you once you cover at least €50 of the course cost — keep in mind that this is not refundable.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we want to hear you.
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