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BSM offers you two courses: Christian Life, a one-year course on campus; and Bible, Theology & Ministry, a two-years distance course. Which one is for you? There are three main differences between these courses and understanding them is key to make the right choice.


While Christian Life is a full-time on campus course, Bible, Theology & Ministry is only available online through the platform Moodle. This last is a flexible option for those who are busy and cannot set apart one year. However, our on campus course has the advantage of providing a unique transforming environment.


Christian Life is a one year course, but Bible, Theology & Ministry  takes two years. We recommend you not to make a decision based solely on this aspect given that each course serves a unique purpose. It is something to keep in mind, but not the best reason to choose one over the other.


Christian Life is a discipleship course that aims at the transformation of spiritual habits and is suitable for all Christians. Bible, Theology & Ministry aims at laying a sound biblical foundation and equipping Christians to serve better in their ministry.

Remember that these are not necessarily either/or options.
What if you took the fundamental on campus course first and then continued your journey through our distance course? Just an idea!

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